Friday, December 18, 2015

My First Craft Show

Well, my first craft show is finished.  I'm so glad it was just the one day.  Trying to make sure I was ready for it wore me out.  But I think it went rather well for my first one.

Things to note:

#1 - Credit card sales - I used the Paypal Here reader and it worked pretty good for the most part.  Transactions went thru amazingly fast, but out of the 3 transactions, only 1 swiped without trouble.  Could have been the cards tho.  Glad I had it because it accounted for about 40% of our sales.

#2 - I need to have more small items, I didn't sell anything over $18.00.  Hats sold well and my kitchen towel holders.

#3 - Need to create more displays, the christmas ornaments would have been more eye catching if hanging from some sort of dowel rod tree.

#4 - Want to take a blanket display rack and have more baby blankets made up.  They had a lot of interest if not priced too high.

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